Circle Of Chaos core now exists of the permanent members

HG Hogström, German Echiburu and Per Kolderup-Finstad.

This new constellation rehearses with additional band members for the upcoming tour.


Germán Echiburu (session drummer on the ”Crossing the line” album) joins the band as full time member. A new singer, Per Kolderup-Finstad, in recruited and the band starts working on new material. In July the demoversion of the new song ”Spectral Disease” is released. Late October bass player Thomas Jonsson leaves the band.


On March the 28th, ”Crossing the line” is released worldwide by Massacre Records. At the same time, the two new members Carl Johan ”Sillen” Sillén (drums) and Kenneth Lantz (guitar) joins the band on a full time basis. During the autumn the band goes to Poland and Germany for a couple of headline shows. In November Circle of Chaos once again enter the stage at the Bremer Metal Festival in Bremen, Germany. At the end of the year, Julle and Kenneth leaves the band and goes on to other projects.


July the 1st, Circle of Chaos announces the signing to Massacre Records. The summer and early autumn, the band spends in the studio to record the new, full length album ”Crossing the line”, which will be released worldwide on March the 28th, 2014 by Massacre Records.


During the spring the 5 track album ”Twoheaded Serpent” – mixed and mastered by Mike Wead – is released and the band goes out on a ten day tour of Poland and the Czech republic. In connection with the tour the band got their first sponsorship deal as Premium Publishing sponsored the new backdrop. Earlier that year the band enters the contest Emergenza festival where they go all the way to the Scandinavian finals. In the autumn the band starts the work on what will be the next, full length album, set to be released during 2013. At the beginning of 2013,  Allan and Staffan Lundholm leaves the band.


Within ten months after the release of ”Black Oblivion” the band makes their first tour abroad as they go to Germany for three gigs in January 2011. The band goes back to Germany and Poland at two more times this year, culminating in November when the band performs before a chaotic crowd of 250 people at the Bremer Metal Festival.

During the spring the band also makes the first line-up change as singer Antoni Ravina Da Silva decides to leave the band and is later that year replaced by new vocalist Julian ”Julle” Bellenox.


Debut album ”Black Oblivion” – mastered by Dan Swanö – is released in march 2010 and the band makes their first live shows as Circle of Chaos. The album is being well recieved all over the world, with great reviews and radio play in every continent. Amongst other things the band is voted ”Band of the week” at Nightmares Radio in USA and Metalcentral.net in Sweden. On the CD-compilation that came with issue #124 of “Close-Up Magazine”, Sweden’s major metal magazine, the song “Flags of our fathers” was the opening track.


The singer Antonio Ravina Da Silva teams up with HG and Staffan and the three starts the pre-production of what´s later will be the debut album ”Black Oblivion”. During the autumn of 2009 bass player Thomas Jonsson is recruited and the band Circle of Chaos is officially born. Finally at the end of the year the band is complete as Allan Lundholm joins the band as guitarist.


HG Hogström (guitar) and Staffan Lundholm (drums) start working on a project together. When they realize that they have a couple of great songs, they begin the search for musicians to form a band to record the songs and put them out.