Welcome …

… to our world.

As human beings,
we are constantly surrounded by an infinite chaos.

Entirely beyond our control,
every little detail can lead to fatal consequences.

To preserve sanity and in the belief that we are able to master faith,
mankind have developed the ability to hide
within falsely created, predetermined roles,

where given framework allows us to stop thinking,
and acting from within ourselves.

By not taking a stand,
and trusting your own inherent believes and abilities,
this self-deception may bring you comfort
to cope with the life you have been given,

this will also bring you further away from who you are as a human being
and the real purpose of your life.

We bring you another deal,
another option.

Circle of Chaos welcomes you to be a part of our belief,
our world.

A world consisting of authentic people,
far away from all kinds of prejudice, bigotry and conservatism.

This is what i love,
this is what i do;
- this is who i am.

Within the Circle,
- you get to be who you are,
outside the Circle,
- you can be who you think you should be.

You choose;
- what will it be?

Welcome to our world.